Meet our trainers

Ene Kesler

Ene Kesler has studied entrepreneurship and business management in Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and Tartu University, Skövde College of Economics in Sweden and Grenaa Commercial School in Denmark.

She has specialized on SME development and acts both as a lecturer and a consultant. Her training subjects are business idea analysis, product development and pricing, marketing, logistics and financial analysis. Her practical entrepreneurial experience comes from two family owned SME-s specialized on agricultural production and wood processing.

Karin Abel

Karin Abel has been an entrepreneur for 9 years and continuing, working with small private limited companies. She has a law degree from University of Tartu, working experience from Notary public and Tartu County Court.

Karin has been a lecturer in Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and in Tartu Vocational Education Center, mainly focusing on labour law and basics of law. She is passionate about creating healthy, supportive and productive working environments where all employees would feel equally appreciated and valued.