Business Plan and Entrepreneurship Training Course StartSuccess *

* Projektiekspert OÜ is a training card cooperation partner with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

What you should know:
- Crafting a business plan, securing funding and GRANTS
- Marketing strategies
- Accounting practices
- Contractual agreements
- Expenses plan/spending plan


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What can you do after completing the entrepreneurship training?

  • You will be able to draft a business plan for your startup
  • You will know how to secure various grants from Enterprise and Innovation Foundation, the Unemployment Insurance Fund, and financing
  • You will gain knowledge about the nature of entrepreneurship and different forms of business
  • You will be able to analyze business ideas and describe the risks associated with entrepreneurship
  • You will distinguish between the nature of products and services, and define the target market
  • You will understand the basics of marketing and choose suitable sales channels
  • You will be aware of the requirements for accounting and taxation in small businesses
  • You will differentiate between contracts that prove employment and define the requirements for occupational health and safety
  • You will plan the company`s revenues and expenses and be able to compile and analyze the company`s financial forecast

Examples of Funded Projects

We talk not only about successes but also about failures from which you can learn.

We Offer Advice

We provide individual advice during the training, quick consultations, or, if you wish, we can comment on your project ideas.

Thorough Feedback on Business Plans

To maximize the likelihood of obtaining support (from the Unemployment Insurance Fund, Enterprise and Innovation Foundation) and funding.

You will be trained by

100% experienced practitioners and entrepreneurs

Ene Kesler

Ene Kesler has studied entrepreneurship and business management in Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and Tartu University, Skövde College of Economics in Sweden and Grenaa Commercial School in Denmark.

She has specialized on SME development and acts both as a lecturer and a consultant. Her training subjects are business idea analysis, product development and pricing, marketing, logistics and financial analysis.

Her practical entrepreneurial experience comes from two family owned SME-s specialized on agricultural production and wood processing.

Karin Abel

Karin Abel has been an entrepreneur for 9 years and continuing, working with small private limited companies. She has a law degree from University of Tartu, working experience from Notary public and Tartu County Court.

Karin has been a lecturer in Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and in Tartu Vocational Education Center, mainly focusing on labour law and basics of law.

She is passionate about creating healthy, supportive and productive working environments where all employees would feel equally appreciated and valued.


Helen Teigar
Triibuvineer OÜ

I participated in the entrepreneurship training at Stardiedu, and it really gave me "wind beneath my wings." I acquired the necessary basic skills during the training. I definitely recommend that any starting entrepreneur participate, rather than struggling on their own.

My company produces unique plywood in Hiiumaa and from it, we create corporate gifts and design products.

Andreani Reeder
Andreani Reeder

Andreani Reeder
Yumeiho therapy

I am Andreani Reeder, a Yumeiho therapist. If you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship, practical skills, and meet like-minded people, then this training is for you.

For me, the special value came from the contacts with other participants in the training. The course offers many different opportunities for collaboration.


Estonian Quality Agency for Education

The quality mark confirms that the education offered in this curriculum group is timely, relevant, and learner-centered. The trainers are experts in their field and continuously develop their teaching skills.

Äripäev's Gazelle

We have received the recognition as an Äripäev Gazelle company.


Successful Estonian Company.
Credit rating A

What will you learn at the StartSuccess training?

Module I

Business Idea, Business Plan (16 hours)

- Introduction to entrepreneurship and the competencies necessary for entrepreneurs. The nature of entrepreneurship, development trends (4 hrs)

- Forms of entrepreneurship, their specifics. Stages of establishing a company (4 hrs)

- Business idea, business model analysis (4 hrs)

- The nature and structure of a business plan. Objectives and principles of drafting a business plan (4 hrs)

Module II

Product, Service. Market. Marketing (14 hours)

- Product, service. Development. Stages of the production and service process. Supply chain (4 hrs)

- Market. Market equilibrium. Defining customer profile. Competitors, competitive analysis (4 hrs)

- Marketing strategies, sales management. Options for modern marketing channels. Advertising (6 hrs)

Module III

Legal Aspects. Employment Law and Safety (8 hours)

- Legal requirements for establishing a company (2 hrs)

- Employment law. Types of contracts, formation, rights and obligations of the parties. Occupational safety (6 hrs)

Module IV

Accounting. Taxation (8 hours)

- Organizing accounting in a small business (2 hrs)

- Basic principles of accounting. Reporting (4 hrs)

- Overview of the Estonian tax system (2 hrs)

Module V

Financial Planning (8 hours)

- Calculation of cost price, cost accounting. Sales forecasts (4 hrs)

- Financial forecasts for a start-up small business (4 hrs)

Personalized for You and Independent Work (26 hours)

- Individual consultation for the business plan (2 hrs)

- Presentation and defense of the business plan (4 hrs)

- Independent work for drafting the business plan (20 hrs)


March 06 - April 24, 2024,
1-2 days per week,
80 academic hours


Endla 4, Tallinn, at the Projektiekspert OÜ Training Centre
(also available in Zoom)


1679 eur + VAT*
Pay by installments. 

*Projektiekspert OÜ is a training card cooperation partner with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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